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Struggles Of The Oppressed Woman Essays - Feminist Theory, Chinatown

Struggles of the Oppressed Woman Throughout history, society has constantly oppressed woman, making it harder for her to achieve what it is that she so desires. In modern day society, a female has to work twice as hard as a male does to reach the same desired goal. Stemming from our ancestor's beliefs and morals that women belong in the home, these two compositions, written by Amy Tan and Lynn Bloom, illustrate these beliefs concerning the roles of the women in society. In both cases, the women involved write of their struggles and the ways in which each overcame them. Women are highly outnumbered as, professors governmental figures, doctors and many other prestigious positions. This fact alone exemplifies the struggles of a woman in society. Though the goals, the obstacles, and the situations were all different, the beliefs reflected by each author are very much alike. Amy Tan's, The Red Candle, is the story of Amy's upbringing, mainly concerning her marriage. In Taiyuanese society, women do not have much freedom concerning how they live. Having no control over the process of selecting a husband, Tan's future husband is chosen at the age of two. Living in the strict Taiyuanese society, her life was carved in stone at an extremely early age. In her early years, all thoughts and actions were directed to the development of a good wife for her future husband. A contract was made, between the Tan's and the Huangs, concerning the future of their children. Tyan-yu, Tan's future husband, would have all of the power in the marriage, leaving Tan nothing but orders. How would a woman be able to live a life, which she has no control over? Being oppressed by her own society, how would Tan strive to gain control of her life? The one privilege that she desires is to have the control to gain what she wants and likes. These simple desires are exactly what Lynn Z. Bloom strives for also. Lynn Z. Bloom's auto-biographical composition, Teaching College English As A Woman, reflects being a female college professor and the struggles that come with the task. Like Tan, Bloom was constantly rejected and oppressed while trying to attain what she desired. She had many obstacles to overcome in order to reach her goal of becoming a full time successful college professor. Knowing that she was well qualified and deserved certain positions, she fought back and ultimately overcame these obstacles, just as Tan. Amy Tan and Lynn Bloom were from totally different backrounds and had totally different goals to achieve. Though, almost every aspect of their lives was different they both had the same types of problems to overcome. The problems that they faced were many, but the one that they had in common was that of oppression. Being oppressed by their peers played integral parts in both of their lives. First starting when she was a baby, Tan experienced oppression her whole life. Never able to make her own decisions, having her life planned, without any consent, and being treated as a slave by the Huangs, were some of the reasons that Tan felt she had to overcome this oppression that imprisoned her. This imprisonment denied her of the person she wanted to be. Bloom experienced this same type of oppression, but on a much lower scale, in her quest of becoming a college English professor. Once earning her position of Teacher Assistant she came to realize that teaching as a woman has many disadvantages. She was often rejected from jobs that she knew she was qualified for, and even those that she landed had very tight restrictions. There are similarities in the restrictions that Bloom faced and the restrictions that Tan faced. Tan was allowed certain actions while other actions were not allowed; as is the case with Bloom, she was not allowed to voice her own opinion in her class, partly because she was a woman. Bloom talks about ?her voice? that she always ignored. She just accepted the way things were. Tan also accepted the way things were, never making what she knew was the right choice. Tan and Bloom were very much alike in that they were afraid of their superiors. They both thought they had no rights to act on their own and do as they feel. The two were also alike in the fact that they developed, over time, a very strong personality which helped them achieve their goals. Bloom had a demeaning, one sentence written recommendation, that she

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Cultural Variables Influencing Behavior Essay Example

Cultural Variables Influencing Behavior Essay Example Cultural Variables Influencing Behavior Essay Cultural Variables Influencing Behavior Essay CULTURAL VARIABLES INFLUENCING BEHAVIOR Many variables influence the behavior of individuals within a culture (Sanchez-Boyce, 1993). The manner in which services are provided may be influenced by general cultural practices in combination with variables unique to the individual (Anderson, 1994; Payne, 1995), Thus, professionals must understand not only general characteristics of various cultural groups, but also the variables that interact to make each student and family unique within that cultural group. The following variables are important to consider: Educational level Languages spoken Length of residence in an area Country of birth (immigrant vs. native born) Urban vs. rural background Individual choice within the intrapersonal realm (e. g. , idiosyncratic behavior) Socioeconomic status/upward class mobility Age and gender Religious beliefs and their impact on daily life activities Neighborhood of residence and peer group Degree of acculturation into mainstream American life Generational membership (first, second, third generation) If the family immigrated to the United States, reasons for this immigration should be considered. It is also important to find out about generational patterns of immigration. To what extent are other relatives living in close proximity? To what extent are members of a cultural group marrying those from different ethnic backgrounds? Anderson and Fenichel (1989, p. 89) stated that cultural sensitivity implies â€Å"knowledge that cultural differences as well as similarities exist† and that this awareness helps the professional determine an appropriate course of action. CONCLUSION When members of a cultural group hold stereotypes about members of other cultural groups, the potential for misunderstanding is great. Professionals must be culturally sensitive and realize that great variation exists within the general cultural framework of each group. Source: Rosberry-McKibbin, Celeste, Multicultural Students With Special Language Needs, Practical Strategies for Assessment and Intervention, 1995

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Catch me if you can Essays

Catch me if you can Essays Catch me if you can Paper Catch me if you can Paper Essay Topic: Everything I Never Told You Film Society is everything we see around us the atmosphere we live in and the place we call home, the average people and their beliefs and what is accepted and what isnt. It is in other terms, the world around us. In the film, society is represented as a gullible, and stereotypical place, as people tend to generally go with what they see, and believe everything they see. In some cases, the film is a true reflection of society in the 1960s. However there is a vast difference between its setting and society today, hence it is arguable that it is not true reflection of todays world and society At the beginning of the film the setting is quickly portrayed. It is set in a small America town during the Mid 1960s. At this time family was extremely important, especially communication and relationships within the family unit. The bond between Frank Jr and Mr and Mrs Abagnale appears to be very strong from the very first scene. Frank Abagnale Jrs eyes lighten up in awe as he watches his father receiving his award. His is the hardest to clap and the last to stop clapping as his mother beamed in delighted. However, not everything is always as it seems. The family seem to have a good relationship towards one another, especially the parents as they had been dancing. Frank portrays fondness and affection towards his parents watching in admiration whilst they are dancing. Franks mother spills her drink and thus creating a stain on the carpet. Although they were laughing and dancing over it, the stain may symbolise a patch or a bad sign on their marriage, which was there was as we see later on in the film. Furthermore, it was the mother who clumsily spilled the drink, and it was her who drove the family to break apart by having an affair behind her husbands and sons back. Frank views his family as the perfect, unbreakable family. He idolises his dad and is very optimistic towards the familys bond to one another. He believes that his familys love for one another can not be broken and is never-ending. He shows this through his willingness and determination to bring his mother and father back together again, as he views the divorce as a minor obstacle and believes that the bond of his family cannot be broken by this. He tries extremely hard to bring his family back together, as this was the reason which made him turn into a con artist, and forging cheques so he could regain the money lost in the family. He is desperate to have things back to normal, and even more to have his mum and dad back together again, as he was always offering his dad gifts to use to seduce and charm his mum just as he had done in France, I bought you a Cadillac dad, maybe you could take mum for a ride. Frank Abagnales mother is presented as an attractive middle aged housewife. She dresses in family orientated clothes, and appears to be the average housewife. However she is not what she appears to be at all as she is an extremely deceptive and dishonest character within the play. She shows this when she has an affair on her husband with a friend of his. She also shows nervousness in her character, when Frank Abagnale walks in on her. She quickly tries to get rid of him by bribing him do you want some money to buy anything? This also shows her deceitful manner and personality. Franks father, however, is presented as a more optimistic, diligent and charming father figure within the film, and he knows he is al of this. He is diligent and hard working, and it is seen through his mice speech Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly drowned but the second mouse struggled and swam and finally turned that cream into butter and managed to walk out. I am that second mouse. He is also very optimistic, and this is shown in the whole matter of the divorce. He keeps reassuring his son that everything will be fine again, when it obviously will not be, thus showing his optimistic behaviour. He is also a very charming character, a characteristic which his son has obviously inherited. He uses his charms to his great advantage, and his main technique is achieved only when talking to a pretty, younger woman. He pulls out a necklace whilst the woman is telling him when the issue he is trying to deal with can not be completed, i. e. the suit incident, and asks her, did you drop this in the car park? It must have slipped right off your neck. The young woman is then flattered to be attracted to what appears to be a well supported handsome man and does not take great care into what she actually is doing, thus completing what he is trying to purchase or achieve. Frank is driven to run away simply because he can choose neither his mum nor dad. It is an impossible choice to make for any teenager, and this reflects that Frank is still only a kid as he runs away. He cant choose between his parents because he needs both of them, and we see this by his reaction when he was told of the divorce. In America during the 1960s, the type of clothing you wore portrayed your status, what type of job you had and even how much money you may have owned. For example, if you were seen in a suit, you would automatically be thought of as a richer, more upper class member of society. You would be looked up at, and would receive more public respect. This is portrayed in the film by Frank Abagnale Jr to a great extent. Knowing that clothing was a vital part in his scams, Frank Abagnale Jr used this to his advantage along with his wit and charm. He can be very deceiving simply by the type of clothes he is wearing. He uses them to disguise himself and take on different roles, especially when trying to deceive others. On his first day of public school, Frank is dressed as he would be expected to if he was going to a private school. As he is dressed in this upper class clothing in a middle class school, he is mistaken for a teacher, and automatically gains status over his fellow students just through his clothes. He gains confidence from this experience, thus creating the new deceptive and ambiguous character. People in society in the 60s were very credulous and had an inclination of judging people by what they wore. Since they were very gullible for this reason, they tended to believe Frank was an upstanding member of society and was of a very upper class status, and because of this type of prejudgement they were very likely and did believe him. Frank Jr sees this as an opportunity to make money and relishes it, especially when cashing cheques. When he is dressed in the pilots outfit, the public smile and greet him in the street as they see him to have a much respected job and position within society. A boy asks for Franks autograph when he is walking on the street, which shows he is idolised for wearing a pilots suit without having a proper qualification or job, and thus proving peoples gullibility. Furthermore, when he wants to cash in cheques, he goes to the younger and better looking women who are very easily impressed and also very susceptible like others in society at that time, they would be very amazed and pleased with themselves for being able to attract such a handsome, well mannered man, and one of a higher status. This makes them help him to do what he needs when he uses the necklace trick, hence why they are his main targets when looking to cash his cheques and use his charms and wit. Frank Jr expresses his need of a stable, strong-bonded family throughout the film. It is what he wishes to have more than anything else. But however, he is expected to choose one parent over another. This for him is an impossible task as at the end of the day he is still a teenager and he needs both parents to support him in what he does and through his teenage life. His love for his parents, which he portrays throughout the film, is immensely strong. Brendas family, or the strong family, have high expectations of Frank. They expect him to have a high and successful job so he supports Brenda. Furthermore, they expect him to be a Lutheran, and to follow their beliefs. Not only this, but they see him as a good candidate as he seemed to have a great background and an even better education. Hanratty is enormously determined to catch Frank Abagnale Jr for a single purpose- he left him looking like a fool. He has been repeatedly fooled by Frank, and the desire to catch him has gone from a simple challenge to a massive obsession. He craves to catch Frank to put him away for good at first, but however his opinion of Frank changes and he has the expectation that he will be sensible and law abiding when caught. Franks character is completely reflective of a teenager. His reaction when he finds out about his parents decision to split up is reflected by this completely. He decides automatically to run away and this shows that he is still young and cannot handle the responsibilities of being an adult and a man. He cannot live without both parents, and this shows his major dependability on both of his parents. The audience watching the film perceive him as a likable fun character within the play. They love seeing him get away with his scams, and believe that he is justified for his misdemeanours. His life changes drastically, when he is caught as he no longer has that sense of freedom, and he finally realises that there is more to life than just fun. He accepts to work for the FBI and this proves he has now developed some maturity and a sense of responsibility. Franks relationship with Hanratty changes drastically in the play. They go from being enemies to being friends and become closer. They develop a trust between them and so the relationship changes, because Hanratty believes Frank will change, and so gives him a job and a new life. The film is a representation of what society was like in the 1960s. I dont believe it reflects what it is like now, since it is based on a true story on something which DID happen in the 1960s, and people nowadays are not as gullible or as easily impressed.

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Analyzing Point of View Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analyzing Point of View - Essay Example And yet, at times, the narrator uses an omniscient mode to point out certain things to the reader that are unnoticed by the characters themselves. For instance, the narrator tells us in advance about the gift that Jim has brought back for Della before she notices it herself: â€Å"For ten seconds let us regard with discreet scrutiny some inconsequential object in the other direction. [..] This dark assertion will be illuminated later on† (O Henry, 1906, p. 4). The narrator here pre-empts the next turn in the plot by forewarning the reader about an unexpected event. The narrator also uses the device of prolepsis by mentioning the magi, something that will be explained later in the conclusion. The use of a third-person point of view affects the entire tone of the story. Had the same tale been told through the perspective of Della or Jim or even one of the minor characters like the â€Å"Sofronie†, much of the situational irony would have been lost. Situational irony, like dramatic irony, is based on a shared knowledge between the writer and reader which the characters in the story are unaware of. Their situation therefore is not understood by them as well as the reader who has access to information about their lives directly from the writer.

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Pope Gregory VII Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Pope Gregory VII - Research Paper Example From such evidence we come to understand that there are no biases as such and hence the source seems to be quite reliable for study. Contemporary reformers condemned the moral abuses that took place during that time. Two such abuses that were of primary concern were – 1) The heresy of Simony (the buying and selling of orders and offices in the church and 2) Nicolaitism (clerical marriage and unchasity) In 1059, after the Election Decree, the power of the emperor was reduced considerably while the Roman cardinals were given more power. This insightful book details the events of Pope Gregory’s rule, as he stood at the center of these affairs as the arch deacon of the Roman Church. The book describes Gregory’s religious motives of freeing the church from these heresies and gaining liberty for its people. The source being reliable would be very useful for the study. The author Rev. John Cowdrey was a medieval historian and a leading authority on the ecclesiastical reform movement led by Pope Gregory VII. In my opinion, the text served to kindle my interest further on the subject. Ephraim Emerton’s book titled ‘The Correspondence of Pope Gregory VII’ is a selection of Gregory VII letters from the Registrum that was translated by him. These letters served to highlight the zeal, hard work and vigor with which Pope Gregory pursued to bring about a revolutionary change in the conduct of the church. Professor Ephraim Emerton had authored many books but for this book of letters, he had only translated them. He was a graduate from Harvard College and was also one of the founders of the American Historical Association. In 1882 he was elected as the Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History. These papal documents translated by Ephraim provides the reader with great insight through the evidence describing the religious policies of reform that Pope Gregory brought about during his period as Pope of the Christian Church. The book also serves to shed

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Effect of Exercise Training During Lactation Essay Example for Free

Effect of Exercise Training During Lactation Essay The article chose review is â€Å"Effect of exercise training on loss of bone mineral density during lactation†. The purpose of this study was to determine whether exercise slows bone loss from four to twenty postpartum. The problem was that during lactation women move breast milk. After finishing breast feeding bone mass usually returns to pre pregnancy but not in all and this is the problem. The participants were healthy ,nonsmoking , sedentary ,exclusively breast feeding women with a body mass index of twenty to thirty kg. m.women were not allowed to join if they had cesarean delivery or if the exercise more than two days a week three months before. There were twenty participants all together. They all were cleared by a physician before participating. The instruments and test used for this experiment was for the body composition and bone density they used a dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. For the assessment of cardio respiratory fitness and strength a sub maximal graded treadmill test was used. For the assessment of dietary intake by twenty four hour recall over the telephone using the nutrition data system for research software. For exercise intervention women were randomly assigned to either an EG or a CG. For the statistical analysis data were analyzed with JMP software. The testing procedures were with the body composition a whole- body was given three times a week and a step phantom were given one day a week .With the assessment cardio respiratory fitness and strength did sub maximal graded treadmill test were used. Exercise intervention used a complete sixteen week home based exercise program. The results were The EG lost a lot less LS BMD than CG. They were no great differences in total body and hip BMD. Both groups loss fat mass but, EG lost less lean body mass. Maximal strength increased by 34% to 221% for EG in the CG changed from -5.7% to 12%. â€Å"These results suggest that resistance and aerobic exercise may slow bone loss during lactation. In these experiments I felt like some of the strengths were that this was a good experiment to do. That it would help a lot of women because a lot of women have babies during the time that they are trying to build up bone density. I also like how in depth the experiment went. Strength was that they gave them specific training program that they can do from home. Which I feel is extremely important especially to new born moms. This article is important to me because I myself want to be a mom some day and bone density is important to me .My grandmother has osteoporosis so increasing my bone density is very important to me. I think I can use this in my future profession by informing my pregnant patients and mothers that are already breast feeding about this and showing them ways to improve bone density. Work Cited Lovelady,C.a,Bopp,M.J,Colleran,H.J,Mackie,H.k.Wideman,L(2009). Effect of Exercise Training on Loss of Bone Mineral Density during Lactation.Medicine Science in Sports Exercise,41(10),1902-1907. msse/Fulltext/2009/10000/Effect_of_Exercise_Training_on_Loss_of_Bone.10.aspx

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Science I-search Essay -- Cloning Genetics Genes Essays

Science I-search When the word scientist is mentioned, the public most commonly accepts this word in a positive sense. Scientists are known to find the cure for diseases and heal people through their research. Not until the genetic revolution have scientists been shunned and viewed as malevolent to the community. When the term genetic revolution is used, I am pertaining mainly to the issue of cloning. After the new discovery by Scottish researchers, who were responsible for creating the sheep that captured the attention of the world, the society's reproduction and moral issues have taken a different meaning in life. Since this new discovery of cloning scientists now have more power than ever and along with this power comes great consequences. Disturbing the genetic make up of someone can result in being so positive that all will prosper, or so negative that the effects may be catastrophic to mankind. What I know: The issue of cloning entered my life at the end of my tenth grade year. At such a young age, the topic of a person who was identical to another person was "cool" when I was first introduced to the idea. Then I realized how unbalanced our world could be if mass production of cloning was to occur. The issue of being responsible for someone's future is disturbing to a great deal of our society. The majority of people believe that God is the only one that should be responsible for creating and putting together the uniqueness of a human. In some forms, cloning can be positive because research can possibly explain on what exactly caused the death of an individual by cloning that person and testing for the exact cause of death. All that I have learned and come to comprehend about cloning has come from a Christian point o... ...ibly be disturbed for thousands and thousands of generations to come. That's why I take the opinion of Doctor Dixon when he states that, "the world must go under cohesive legislation backed by global agreement." If agreement is established in this sense then at least we can act as a true united society while traveling into the genetic revolution. Works Cited Page 1.) Dixon Patrick Dr. Multi-Media Lecture. 2.) "Cloning issues in reproduction, Science, and Medicine". Issued January 1998. 3.) Ken Olsen, Ph.D. "Cloning: Issues questions and answers". 4.) Dixon Patrick Dr. "Should we ban human cloning". 5.) Dixon Patrick Dr. "Frequent human cloning updates".